Mohamad Ahansal

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North Pole Marathon

All in all I was really fascinated even though I know snow and ice very well. We had to run 12 loops on a course of ice and snow, which was very tough. But I managed it well after 4:52,45 to came in as the first women setting a record time and placed 2nd overall.

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The hostility of the terrain, together with the extreme heat and humidity all under the jungle canopy combine to create the most unforgiving conditions only for the toughest contestants. This is why the Jungle Marathon is considered the toughest multi-stage race in the world.





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UVU Antarctic Ice Marathon & 100k 2012

Like a remnant of outer space, Antarctica’s haunted emptiness is both enchanted and forbidding. In 2012, forty-six athletes from sixteen countries arrived at the end of the world. They came to find an extraordinary race, and perhaps to find themselves. Of this number, only nine gathered for the daunting 100 km.